Brown Girl Begins

Folklore and magic spring from a grim future of social stratification and economic implosion in this sci-fi drama which was a very interesting project to shoot.

Shauna is a Liar

I did some work on Chell Stephen's sardonic and vividly rendered tale of juvenile conspiracy and classroom resentment. Her previous film, Crystal, premiered at SXSW.

Modern Classic

Independent filmmaking is not for the weak -- nor the egomaniacal and the delusional, for that matter. So says J.M.B. Hunter's Modern Classic, an elegant satire about the perils of the film industry where friendships and boundaries dissolve in the name of art. This local project with a tight-knit cast and crew was a fun one to be part of.

Filth City

Filth City takes a harshly hilarious look at municipal corruption amidst a churning sea of maladjusted characters, tense situations and utter catastrophes. I worked closely with LaRue Entertainment on this vibrant (and very NSFW) feature, the trailer for which is available below.

Holiday Joy

Shooting a Christmas movie in August is something I can definitely recommend after working on Holiday Joy, a fun and spirited family comedy currently available on iTunes.

The Amazing Gayl Pile: Season 3

Working on Season 3 of The Amazing Gayl Pile was a blast. This show within a show, populated by a group of peculiar characters steeped in misguided plans, impulsive behavior and general lack of self-awareness, is a relentlessly funny study of dysfunction and redemption. All three R-rated seasons are now available for streaming on CBC and Seeso.


Ink, from writer/director Ashlea Wessel, dives deep into the fertile coupling of late-night gloom with solitary dread, propelled by Mishka Balilty's courageously intimate performance as Joey, a woman overtaken by the darkness she both endures and embraces. I was fortunate to get on board with this project, and the trailer is available below.